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Farm Management Services

Yield Analytics

Farm Planning & Budgeting
Helping Manage Your Agricultural Operation

Farming is a business, requiring growers to manage a staff, coordinate with farm managers, work with lenders and more, on top of producing healthy crops. Our Planning and Budgeting service helps you make smart, informed business decisions for your operation. An E4 representative will take into account historical, current and project costs, crop planning goals and budgets to deliver a plan that is optimized for your operation.

Ag Industry Comparison and Analysis

Our Benchmarking service allows you to see how your operation stacks up against others of a similar size and type. With access to a large data pool of private growing data (identities kept confidential), we are able to bring fact-based insights that can improve your farming or management practices and identify opportunities for growth.

Benchmarked data includes:

check box Planned vs. actual field outputs (costs, quantities, etc.)
check box Equipment needs and costs
check box Product performance and costs
check box Land and rent (cost, value)
check box Hybrid/variety trends and performance
check box Revenue

Improve your farm management practices by using real crop data. Contact E4 to get started.