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Crop Consulting Services

Field Intel in Iowa, Nebraska, and Beyond

Crop consulting

With years of industry experience and a staff of agriculture experts, E4 Crop Intelligence is able to offer a range of agronomy consulting services that will help improve your operation and maximize yields. Whether you’re an independent grower, co-op, large retailer, or farm manager, our independent crop consultants works for you; prescribing field-level solutions tailored specifically to your operation. Our extensive network of agronomy services includes:

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Fertilizer Prescription
Expert Nutrient Recommendations

Our Fertilizer Prescription service formulates nutrient prescriptions to address the unique conditions of each field, using more than just soil tests to establish fertilizer placement on a per-acre basis. This unbiased service helps you optimize your return on investment for fertilizer placement. We also work with you to factor in financial parameters like cost-per-acre budget. Combining our experts’ in-depth agronomy knowledge and our proprietary crop intelligence software, we’re able to provide you with custom fertilizer plans that work for your operation. We take our recommendations seriously, and are dedicated to finding the fertilizer strategy that helps you maximize yields in each acre.

Seed Prescription
Customized Planting Insight

The E4 Crop Intelligence Seed Prescription service offers you an unbiased and localized seed placement consultation that best fits your acres. Our extensive industry resources allow us to combine seed performance data from seed companies with local and regional performance trends and field conditions. Through this process we’re able to deliver reliable, field-by-field seed positioning prescriptions that help you optimize your yield.

E4 Scouting & Field Notes
Detailed Field and Crop Inspection

Our skilled technicians conduct a rigorous inspection process, to provide you with important, timely information about your fields and alert you to problems before they become unmanageable. Participants in the E4 Scouting & Field Notes service can request an inspection and indicate the number of scouting trips they would like us to make over the course of the growing season. Field technicians will record observations regarding the general field needs and conditions, as well as disease, weed pressure, and any mechanical issues found on a digital field map using our proprietary crop consulting software. The data is made available to the grower in a Scouting Report. Through this service, growers can make informed decisions, take action, and allocate resources more wisely.

Yield Analytics
In-depth Field Data Evaluation

The E4 Yield Analytics service helps you analyze your operations and identify issues and opportunities on a field-by-field basis. This allows us to dig in to find out which areas were most profitable and why — and how to apply that outcome elsewhere. We analyze pertinent data sets that are applicable to your operation and work with you to recommend cost-effective adjustments that make a difference in your fields. We help manage these changes through careful crop planning, which can optimize your ROI.

20 Years of Field Data
1+ Million Acres of Yield Data