Revolutionizing agriculture through information and technology.

The E4 Difference

To be the most innovative Agricultural Service Business in the world through the integration and implementation of superior technologies

A precision ag platform...
E4 Crop Intelligence is much more than a piece of software. It is the foundation of a precision agriculture support platform. It is designed in collaboration with agronomists, crop consultants, crop inspectors, local service providers (e.g. fertilizer applicator) and even accountants.

Built by precision ag experts...
With years of experience delivering top-notch precision ag services, E4 understands what growers, retailers, farm managers and agronomic consultants are looking for in software support.

Modular, cloud-based design...
Precision ag isn't one thing, it's many things, and not every operation has the same requirements. Far from a "one size fits all" system, E4 Crop Intelligence is built for flexibility from the ground up.

Data when you want it...
Your field data is an asset—and a valuable one at that. E4 Crop Intelligence makes it easy to consolidate field data into a single, secure, easily accessed repository.

E4 Crop Intelligence is a precision ag solution that integrates services and technology into one cohesive platform. Data-generated maps, monitor-ready variable rate instructions, crop planning and analytics, seed positioning and more—the E4 platform excels at turning raw field data into actionable crop intelligence.

E4 offers an array of precision ag services that are supported and enhanced by easy-to-use software. We scout fields, sample and test soil, formulate seed and fertilizer recommendations, and more. These services—as well as others conducted by input supplies or growers themselves—generate valuable data that can then be used to perform yield analytics, to inform future crop planning and budgeting, and to support fact-based communications with lenders and landlords. Our services and software go hand-in-hand.

E4’s proprietary software platform is designed from the ground up by experienced precision ag specialists with deep knowledge of agronomics, crop management and farm finance. All crop input data, fertility information, yield data, inspection information (reports, photos) are aligned by field for easy access and analysis.

The E4 platform features a clever modular design that simplifies learning and using the software. Want maps? Go to the Map Viewer. Want to work on a field budget? Go to Crop Planning. Interested in the weather and when to plan harvest? Same story.

The modular design of the platform provides bundling flexibility. For example, a grower, retailer, consultant or farm manager can purchase just the E4 Crop Intelligence software modules, individual precision ag services, or a bundle of modules and services.

There is no software to install and update and no database to manage since the platform is web-based. Clients can access the system with smart phones or iPads.

The E4 Data Bank keeps the grower in control of his data. Precision ag data is precious and proprietary. That recognized, there are times when a farmer wishes to share some of his data with lenders, retailers, farm managers, and land lords. Our E4 Data Bank module is secure and scalable, allowing clients to share information 24/7.